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Life on the Fly Counselor. K likes. Life on the Fly A School Counselor Facebook Page is all about school counselors! I hope to connect and.
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Thanks Sherry and thank you Michele! So much truth in your words!

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Thanks, Sherry, for sharing today. Praying God blesses you with His favor and extends the reach of your writing. Oh man, did I miss another one?

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  • I need to look for that one and set it up on my phone. The main time I listen to podcasts is on the 50 min.

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    • Not from though, I spend that time with my boy. Amen, Sherry, to filling our minds with scripture. Thank you for this encouragement. Hugs to you, sweet friend.

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      Crystal so value your HeartEncouragement You are one sweet friend. Praying for an increased anointing over your life and ministry. Psalm is such an affirmation of His faithfulness to us, the way He meets us in so many different variations. I love that His Word illuminates our path. And your comments on my blog, your affirmation and encouragement… thank you. I wish you know just how much those words are exactly what my heart needed.

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      Blessings and gratefulness, Dawn. God has been challenging me to pray for each person that I come in contact with. Want to sit down, relax and Quench your spiritual thirst? You can read about it here.

      Life On the Fly

      I share my PaperbackPic book reviews which are sometimes for EllensPicks too. My musicpic will keep you dancing!

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      Are You Living Life on the Fly? Once these insects get to the nymph stage, they can live underwater for up to three years before growing to maturity. Insects have an exterior hard shell, called an exoskeleton, and they have to shed this shell to grow larger, like a snake sheds its skin. This may happen several times in their life. After one to three years underwater, the emergent-stage nymph swims to the surface, sheds its skeleton for the last time, transforms into a flying insect, then flies off to mate, lay eggs, and in most cases die that same day.

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      The smallest building blocks we know of are atoms and subatomic particles. The largest forms we know of are star systems and galaxies. Jesus Christ, as the Son of God, told His followers as much: Is not life more than food and the body more than clothing?